5 reasons Bhutan is worth to visit

01: Bhutanese lifestyle -The word "authentic" is more overused than the word "sorry" in tourism, but Bhutan is a place that can remind us of the true meaning of cultural authenticity.

02. Bhuddist peace - Outdoor enthusiast or not, no visitor leaves Bhutan without making the trek to the Taktsang Palphug, aka the Tiger's Nest. See the gallery above.Situated on the edge of a cliff, some 900 meters above the rice fields of Paro, this 320-year-old monastery is considered one of the kingdom's most sacred religious sites.

03: Spicy food -The Bhutanese aren't kidding when they say that chillies are their favorite vegetables.Proof is their fondness for emma datshi, an insanely hot delicacy of boiled chillies and native cheese. 

04: Unexpected attractions-The town of Punakha is home to one of the most unusual shrines in Buddhism.

05: Nightlife, Bhutan-style- Evening entertainment in Bhutan is rather tame. What it lacks in variety, however, it makes up for with distinctly Bhutanese character.

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