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Guide Nepal Holidays is a pioneer local tour company based in Kathmandu Nepal.  We are specialized for family tours, wildlife safaris and trekking in all part of Nepal. Our authentic Nepal tours and treks itinerary includes most beautiful places of Nepal.

Yes, Nepal is our home.we are happy to call it that and we are very excited to guide our valued guest all over the Nepal. Guide Nepal holidays is still about family, a family of well expert Sherpa guide. As a Sherpa, We born and grew up in shadows of the mighty Everest. And so we started and built our tour company here in the land of our birth to share our culture, nature, mountains and beautiful Himalayas to the world. When you travel with Guide Nepal holidays you’re travelling with more than not just a company but you’re travelling with our family.

Our Commitment:

The reasons to choose guide Nepal holidays are many, but they all seem to come back to one thing: our people. Our visitors have told us numerous stories about individuals on our staff who helped make their holiday trips in Nepal unforgettable. At Guide Nepal Holidays, we don’t just want to answer to a guest’s request; we want to predict their needs. We want to create them sense at home when they are thousands of miles away; to take “above and beyond” higher and farther. This is our guarantee, and it can be seen in the actions of our welcoming and caring staff every day, on every holidays in Nepal.

Each member of our Sherpa team is keen to providing outstanding service—from our tour guides to our trekking guide, Sherpa climbing guides to driver and trip arrangement expert. And all of us are allocate to make sure that our guests experience is wonderful in every way.Our expert Sherpa team are the cause guests always rate us the “Nepal’s Best Tour company.” They are the difference between an average guide and a Guide Nepal Holidays.

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